Toss the overwhelm and make room for intentional living.

We are a professional organizing company with a simple goal: to help you clear the clutter and disorder from your surroundings, one room at a time.

Once cleared, your space will be revitalized but the results go much deeper than that. You will feel revitalized and energized.

S.T.O.R.E by Steph Featured on Destination LA!

We were recently interviewed for a segment on Destination LA, a show featuring exceptional Los Angeles-based businesses and entrepreneurs! Join S.T.O.R.E by Steph owner and Certified Professional Organizer Stephanie Boyd as she shares her organizing journey, philosophy, and an intimate behind-the-scenes view into working with a Professional Organizer.

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Sandra L

Manhattan Beach, CA

Stephanie is the best! I recently moved into my new house and she helped organize and unpack my kitchen. She has amazing attention to detail and a tremendous capacity for putting everything in the right place functionally and esthetically. Steph determined what my needs were and then created the perfect plan. On top of that, Steph is so nice and easy to work with. I would definitely hire her again for any type of job, big or small.

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Jessica D

Lawndale, CA

Here's the thing I never knew I needed help from a personal organizer and I really didn't think I could ever afford one. Turns out I was wrong!

When I reached out to Stephanie we were moving back into our house after getting some things remodeled. I knew I didn't want things to go back to the way they were before. Me spending so much time putting things away and not getting time to pay attention to my kids or relax. I really wanted to set up a system where I could do those things without it taking all night. When Stephanie responded it was from such a loving, understanding place that she made me feel comfortable enough to let her into the mess. She understood, as a mom and as a person willing to help get things into perspective.

Stephanie comes to your home ready to get down to business on what needs to change in your space, not only to make life less hectic but what also works best for you and your family. Stephanie has the ability to stay on task, even when you're hanging out with me, the master procrastinator. She has really helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel on the areas in my house that need work. And she also has helped me feel not guilty when I regress into old habits (we've worked together more than once). When she leaves I'm very inspired to continue tossing things and organizing. I would definitely recommend Stephanie!

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Kimberly R

Rolling Hills Estates, CA

I was tasked with finding a professional that could expeditiously organize and store historical documentation and also create an easy to use digital search document for retrieving stored files. I hired Stephanie and she went to work and completed the project in approximately 3-4 days.  She saved me a ton of time and a lot of headaches. Thank you Stephanie!

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Cathy H

Manhattan Beach, CA

Stephanie is incredible!  After 8 years of building up, we finally tackled the robotics room at our school. The room was a disaster. It was overwhelming to know where to even start. Stephanie had such practical ideas that I had not thought of before. She asked questions to totally understand how the room was used so she could come up with ideas on how to not only organize the space but also make it as easy as possible for the students to maintain it. Thank you!!!

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James Reeves

Co-President, Marymount California University

The complexity of today’s dynamic work environment requires that we be organized and well prepared to address a variety of matters quickly and efficiently.  Meeting that challenge became a source of frustration as our organization engaged in an aggressive transformation that demanded new structures and functions. To assist us in meeting this challenge we engaged Stephanie Boyd to develop a plan and implement a system for archiving and retrieving significant hard-copy records and reports. Stephanie’s system of indexing and archiving was well conceived and met the objective of having these records and documents accessible quickly. You’ll find Stephanie to be diligent, resourceful and a pleasure to work with. With her system so successfully integrated into how we conduct our business today, I will certainly be using Stephanie for other organizing projects moving forward.

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Carrie K

Redondo Beach, CA

Stephanie Boyd is absolutely AMAZING!

I hired Stephanie to reorganize and de-clutter my kitchen, which included all drawers, cabinets, desk area, counter tops, and cupboards. She clearly had a vision and a plan to meet my own personal needs and style. She was efficient, professional, patient, kind, and literally worked magic in my kitchen, which as a result created a sense of calm, well being, and productive efficiency for my entire family and me. The entire “experience” of clearing and reorganizing was not only helpful but she has a way of making it fun!

I highly recommend Stephanie to anyone who needs assistance de-cluttering, space planning or basically anything or that needs organization.

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Christine F

Huntington Beach, CA

Stephanie is the BEST. Valuable insight to get me organized and great storage solutions. Amazing how a more organized home can help to make life feel less chaotic!

I worked with her multiple times. She is just really talented at what she does, not to mention focused, energetic (think Energizer Bunny) and yet compassionate. Let’s face it, there’s an emotional component to this for many of us, and Stephanie gets that.

If you need to get yourself or a family member organized look no further!


Palos Verdes Peninsula

If you are lucky enough to find that Stephanie Boyd, owner of S.T.O.R.E. by Steph, is available to take on your organizing project, you have definitely hit GOLD! She will reconfigure your home to become a much more efficient and effective space! And the amazing part is that she makes it fun in such a loving and caring way. You will work together as a team, prioritizing and purging unnecessary possessions so that when you conclude, you will know how to keep the area neat and so much more useful. Stephanie is so skilled at what she does. Truly, she is a gem!