Image of flowers coming out of a brain

Three Tips for Clearing Mental Clutter

What is mental clutter? Anything that takes up space in your head but doesn't really serve a practical purpose! Fear ...
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image of woman journaling for self-care

The New Self Care: Small Daily Practice

Last week, a client asked what I do for myself when I have a "self-care day." I literally had to ...
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A Big Thanksgiving Table

A Professional Organizer’s guide to hosting Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving gives us the opportunity to gather with those we love and appreciate the bounty around us. In 2006, my ...
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Clothing all laid out, organized and ready to be packed

My Top 3 Packing Tips

With the holidays coming, many of my clients are excited to visit family and get out and about a bit ...
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Kitchen Organization Tips from Redfin

STORE by Steph Featured in Redfin: 20 Clever Small Kitchen Organization Ideas From the Pros

We're so excited to announce that STORE by Steph was featured this week by Redfin! It's an honor to have ...
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Woman holding reusable shopping bags

The Habit That Helps Everyone

Boxes and bags represent clutter in virtually every home. And this type of clutter doesn’t just affect my clients who ...
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clean and tidy living room in a home in Manhattan beach California professional organizer help

Creating Your Happy Place

This photo makes me happy. It shows my friend’s living room, which she created and designed specifically to spend time ...
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Top view of pen and notebook written with Declutter Your Life on wooden background.

5 Easy Ways to Declutter While Staying Safer at Home

We are all at home now, in the place that should be our happy place, our soft spot to land. ...
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NOW word near alarm clock on wooden desk. Concept of present moment. Time take action.

Five Things You Can Do NOW To Establish a “New Normal”

This is happening – it’s crazy! Last week, I was getting ready to post an article about Life Transitions. I’m ...
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professional organizer help with garage organization using garage storage racks and labeled containers in a home in southern California

Organizing Tips for a Simpler Life

It’s late February…already! Is life speeding by and are your resolutions a thing of the past? I’ve said it before, ...
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pile of clean beach towels folded neatly for summer fun


The calendar tells me it’s true – it’s officially summer, although it feels like summer has been here for weeks ...
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blue and white themed living room tidy and clean with bright lighting


“Sweet Home Alabama”, “Mama I’m Coming Home”, “Take me Home Tonight”, these are all popular songs about ‘home’. Oh, don’t ...
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SMART goals description written on notepad with a desk scene


SPRING FORWARD THROUGH INTENTIONAL LIVING Did you make New Year’s Resolutions? I didn’t. I don’t believe in them. Yes, I ...
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and so the adventure begins signage with mint green table clock summer hat eucalyptus plant in clean white home decor


Wow! I honestly cannot believe I am writing this. Here, Now. The old saying is true, “Never say never." I ...
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