Professional Organization Services

Residential Services

Let us help you obtain a sense of peace and calm from your home.

  • Whole home organization: all rooms (kitchen, bath, playroom, office, living spaces, bedrooms), closets, and drawers
  • Garage organization
  • Space planning and optimization

Special Residential Services

  • Senior housing transition preparation
  • Planning for home downsizing
  • Sorting, donation and disbursement support during the sensitive time of bereavement

Classroom organization

We love teachers and respect the work that they do.   Let us help you organize your supplies, your storage closets, and set up your classroom.

Shopping Services

We believe in repurposing and finding creative storage solutions, however sometimes shopping is necessary.   You can either do this on your own, or we can shop for you.

Corporate Services

Our organizational consultants have a vast range of corporate experience.   We understand that clutter and disorganization in the workplace leads to missed opportunities: appointments are missed, documents are difficult to locate or lost, clients are not followed up with in a timely manner, projects fail to progress.

  • File system creation and training so you or your staff can maintain the system
  • Project management
  • Archive management
  • Storage closet organization
  • Office space organization
  • Digital data solutions

Moving / Relocation Services

Moving can be stressful and overwhelming.   It can also be exciting and fun.   We will help you clear the clutter before you move, so you don’t have to take the disorder with you.   Once moved, we will unpack and set up your rooms to allow for efficient use of your space and storage.